Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thanks Patty it was a blast.

Well I finally met Patty and what a delight she is. We where met at the airport with a smile and a hug. Then taken on a bit of a tour around Brisbane, fortunately Patty drove.They like one-way streets and roundabouts (cough)up north. After a slightly confusing check in at the apartment we had a chance to rest a little before heading off to dinner a pub that is located in a abandoned quarry,it was pretty amazing really. There I was introduced to the rest of the family and a few friends.
I would just like to say Patty and Chris are fantastic hosts and made both Ingrid and myself very welcome and their boys''men'' are a credit to them .
The next day Ingrid and I spent some time looking around the south bank area of Brisbane we took a ferry ride that was fun.
The Party itself was really good everyone enjoyed it I am sure.We where well catered for and no one went thirsty. I know Patty and Lockie had a good time.
I am just happy to have met them all and once again thank a Patty and Chris for being gracious hosts,they even supplied us with a car.Hopefully I will get up there again now that I have broken the ice.


Johnno said...

I just worked out which pub it was in the quarry...The Gap...Thats where we first met Patty...nice story Dieter

Patty said...

"fortunately Patty drove..." this has to be a first, surely? Yers, showed Dieter where you and I first did our phoon together. hugs, Dieter, and Ingrid, you are both welcome here, anytime, you know that! :)