Sunday, January 13, 2008

Greenpeace verses Japense whaling :(

Dear Patricia

Thank you once again for taking time to sign the Daily Telegraph whales petition.

Good news...the Greenpeace ship, Esperanza, has found the Japanese whalers hunting in the Southern Ocean. Now our work really begins. As you read this, our activists are in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet. While the fleet is on the run, the whalers are unable to hunt. If they try to start whaling, the Esperanza’s crew of activists will take non-violent direct action to defend the whales. We will be sure to keep you posted as events unfold.
Read crew updates from the Esperanza

The Japanese fleet aims to slaughter 1000 whales in the name of ‘scientific research’, including 50 endangered fin whales.
To save the whales, we need to stay in the water for as long as possible, positioned between whales and the harpoons. We have raised $50,000 for our action fund but we need to raise more so that we can keep our boats operating. During the last whaling season, we were able to disrupt the hunt and save 82 whales this way. We hope to save many more this season.
Help save the whales now

The whalers’ quota is significantly increased this year and we aim to defend many more whales. The ship and crew will work as long as they are able to. Your donation will go directly to making this Southern Ocean expedition our most successful ever.
Thank you for your generous support. Together we can save the whales!
The Greenpeace whales team

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