Sunday, January 27, 2008

An Environmental Conundrum

I thought this was funny.
January 25, 2008

An Environmental Conundrum

There are tons of inconsistencies in the environmental movement such as plugging an electric car into an outlet that connects to the grid where the electricity is supplied by coal-burning, greenhouse gas emitting power plants or driving a Prius that leaves a larger carbon footprint than a Hummer.

This one beats them all however: In a case with statewide significance, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office is pursuing a Sunnyvale couple under a little-known California law because redwood trees in their backyard cast a shadow over their neighbor's solar panels. Richard Treanor and Carolynn Bissett own a Prius and consider themselves environmentalists. But they refuse to cut down any of the trees behind their house on Benton Street, saying they've done nothing wrong. "We're just living here in peace. We want to be left alone," said Bissett, who with her husband has spent $25,000 defending themselves against criminal charges. "We support solar power, but we thought common sense would prevail."

You're so naive Mrs. Bissett, there's no common sense in the green movement, that's your first misconception. Yes, you read that right, they faced "criminal charges" in this case and the judge still ordered them to go all Lorax on the cherished redwoods, trees that were planted before the electric car-driving plaintiff installed the solar cells.

The environmental movement is turning on itself and it should be an enjoyable slap fight to say the least. I know I'll enjoy watching them try to out green one another and also witness the California judiciary rule on arcane Jerry Brown-era environmental regulations.

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