Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dangerous chemicals?

A new survey has revealed that wearing lipstick and drinking alcohol could increase your bust size.

Doctors are warning that consuming these products could cause a series of health problems in the long term. Medical expert Dr Ross Walker joins the show to explain the potential dangers found in the study.

"The U.K. study found that lipsticks and alcohol are being blamed for a growth spurt in women's breast cup sizes." he explains. "The survey is suggesting that women these days have bigger breasts than previous generations did."

According to the report, in less than ten years the average bra size has grown from 34B to 36C.

"I am not really surprised by the findings," he says. "One of the major reasons women have bigger breasts than previous generations is because of obesity."

"Another cause is also the increase in cosmetic surgery for breast implants," he suggests. "In Britain 10, 000 women underwent breast enlargements in 2007.Women are using hormone replacement therapy and are on the pill longer. These changes could all be affecting the changes."

Dr Walker also suggests that humans are also eating synthetic chemicals. "Synthetic chemicals are now found in many foods," he says. "These have the potential to stimulate your oestrogen receptors, and cause growth."

The main reason for the rapid growth is partly due to our lifestyle changes and our exposure to higher levels of Xeno-Oestrogens that changes the hormones in our system, according to Dr Walker.

"Xeno-Oestrogens are chemicals found everywhere from food to cosmetics that mimic the effect of oestrogen," he explains. "They are found in lipsticks, tampons, spray cans and many other things, but only in tiny amounts. It is important to note that these amounts do however accumulate over time."

"Scientists are still unsure of how dangerous they are to us. It's believed the huge amounts of Oestrogens are leading to larger breasts and also an increased risk of cancer. "

"High sugar foods also force the body to increase its insulin output," he says. "Too much insulin helps your body to store energy as fat and makes it more difficult for your body to break down those fat stores when you try to lose weight."

"Large amounts of insulin is also blamed for the higher increase in breasts size," he says.

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dieter said...

I watched this interview and he also said breasts implants and weight was a reason women in England had larger breasts than all those years ago. Take this with a grain of salt i think.