Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ABC tipped to bump famous squiggle logo

The ABC's famous squiggle logo could be wiped from the nation's TV screens in a overhaul of the public broadcaster's brand not seen in 40 years.

The design, technically a "lissajous curve", appears set to be bumped in favour of a more formal ABC1 graphic as part of the network's move into the digital age.

ABC TV will be renamed ABC1, bringing it in line with the corporation's digital network, known as ABC2, while it also has plans to introduce another digital-only ABC3 station dedicated to childrens content.

ABC TV is running a teaser campaign including the line "there is a change coming", The Australian newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The newspaper says it is understood the squiggle will be retained as the ABC's corporate logo, but it will no longer be the key focus on its television identity.

It also says the move is expected to spark opposition from "Aunty's rusted-on viewers".

The ABC's squiggle has been in use since 1965.


Johnno said...

"Aunty's rusted-on viewers".

Patty said...

God I wished I cared. It seems every day there is some change afoot to change this and that. If the ABC don't realize that rule number one is that you don't play with iconic logos - update them, certainly; but you don't change them.

In this ever changing market, where the youth are almost unreachable becasue of the internet, and radios in cars have been replaced by iPods, changing the logo is a recipe for creating an anonymous brand, that no-one relates to, and no-one recognises.

Holden, Coke-a-cola,Vegemite, Ford and so on have all changed their logos, but only to update them, and keep them fresh and relevant to the next generation.

Aunty ABC has lost the plot, and we are all too tired to save Her from Herself.

Brizpaul said...

Whose bright idea was that?

Brizpaul said...

and have you noticed on the ABC promos that they are using the colours of the french flag on its side

Patty said...

Yes, they used to be blue, then red for radio, now it's 'whatever!'.

Lost and clueless.

dieter said...

Why the change of logo?, this is an icon that everybody knows.They should pay more attention to content.I know we have to update things from time to time but this is just a waste.
Spend the money on something that makes sense ABC.
While I'm at it stop flogging you shows like mr bean,black adder, heartbeat,mid-summer murder, kath and kim,to commercial networks all the do is put them on at times no one watches or show repeats over and over.