Thursday, December 13, 2007

Three Things - What would you like?

What Three Things would you like for Christmas?


Johnno said...

#1 new Di Morrisy book "Monsoon"
#2 New stereo system at home
#3 Someone else to play Saunders beach santy on an expected very hot day on xmas morning

loobyloo said...

1: snow
2: a nice glass of aussie white
3: no arguments!!

Sue said...

Loobyloo said - 3: no arguments!!

Loobyloo, you have children, it'll never happen.

1. My Mother back.

2. My sister to live near to me.

3. No cruelty in the world (that's animals, children, adults), just give it all a rest for a while.

Mind you, two of these three things will never happen, and one probably won't. So failing that, I'll have a new Teddy Bear please.

eamonn said...

charlies angels!!!!!

Patty said...

1. Facial
2. new printer so i can print directly onto my dvds
3. a loving relationship with my family and hubby. ha. (that was a joke)How about a nice bottle of yummy champers instead. (more realistic)

Gary said...

1. Good health

2. Peace on Earth forever, plus
food for everyone.

3. Hot little sports car