Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gold, gold on the internet

The things you see when you don't have a gun, lol.. Stumbled across this tonight, origianlly searching for Little Britian stuff.

It's from an ex-pats site for British, God love them and their teeth! (Americans always have perfect teeth, sighs)

Hi Penny,

Daft question, but does your friend have an 'unusual surname?' if so postie should remember the name and know where they live? possibly?
I would send it and hope wherever it turns up, they might know said people does that make any sense?

has she got unusual features, big tits, red hair, dodgy front tooth, feral fingers... etc.. address it as thus:

Carol Smythers-Postelthwaite
Ginger haired big titted bitch with a gammy knee,
Letsbe Ave,
Galaxy System.

ps: posty please make sure she gets this, its second sperm donor supplement.

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Johnno said...

Must be an English thing lol