Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Give me a break!!!!!!

Germaine Greer may look back on 2007 as the year she became an unlikely pin-up with Australia's men's magazines.The 68-year-old feminist has beaten former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins and Summer Heights High’s Ja’mie king to be named FHM magazine's woman of the year.FHM’s Deputy Editor Ben Smithurst has said that they have always had a soft spot for Germaine, who in her tongue-in-cheek way is never afraid to speak the truth.Her version of the truth.“She’s always been slightly controversial but she says things with a grain of salt and sees the ridiculousness of the world.
”The magazine describes Greer as a brilliantly grumpy pop culture truth rod, congratulating her on her descriptions of Steve Irwin's death as ironic comedy and Princess Diana as a media whore.Earlier in the year Zoo Magazine featured a naked photo of Greer after naming her Australia’s sexiest feminist, Smithurst said if she was up to it then a saucy photo shoot could be on the cards.

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Sue said...

Well, they have a lot of air brushing to do then!