Monday, November 19, 2007

Japanese arrest warrant for Isabel Lucas

Japanese police have issued an arrest warrant for Logie award-winning Australian actor Isabel Lucas, after her part in an anti-whaling protest last month.

Lucas took part in the high-profile protest in Japan at the site where thousands of pilot whales are slaughtered every year.

The former Home & Away star joined other celebrities and professional surfers to form a floating circle on surf boards offshore near the coastal village of Taiji in late October.

Heroes TV star Hayden Panettiere, have now been charged with "interfering with international commerce", News Ltd newspapers have reported.

But Lucas played down the arrest warrants, saying they would only "embolden those risking their lives to halt the killings".

"I'm not scared in the least about going back there (to Japan)," she said.

"In fact, now I think it would draw even more attention to the barbaric act."

Who do they think they are? What they are doing is illegal, the whales are in OUR WATERS, and it's illegal to slaughter them. What a cheek the Japanse have. If I could do something in my life, I would joing the Sea Shepard and help protect them.

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