Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When Squirrels Attack

Monday afternoon, I was bit by a Squirrel that I was trying to rescue from my cat. I had to pry my cat’s jaw open to release the squirrel, that’s when the squirrel bit me in the knuckle of the wrist and finger. The Squirrel got away and ran off.

I had Kevin drive me to the ER. I registered and they took my vitals (6:18 PM), then I waited for an hour and a half to have them clean out my hand. While we were in the waiting room, some guy was tilting the vending machine back and forth to get his snack. I told Kevin, that there was going to be another ER emergence, fortunately there wasn’t.
I started thinking of the Pink Floyd lyric from Time "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way ", well it is the American way too.

At 8:05 PM they took me in to an examination room and I met the doctor briefly. After another 30 minutes, they scrubbed out the puncture wounds (4) with Hydrogen Peroxide, antiseptic soap and water (boy that hurt), and x-rayed my hand for any broken bones, (there where none). They put my left hand in a splint to keep it immobile, and gave me some antibiotic pill. I didn’t leave there until 9:15 PM.

Fortunately Squirrels around here don't have Rabies (thank God), and I didn't have a Tetanus shot. But I have to watch out for infection, and see the Doctor in a couple of days.

By the way, this was the second time I had this happen. The first time was back in 2000. They didn't put my hand in a splint that time.

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Patty said...

Gary, so sorry to hear you were hurt, hope all is well now mate, hugs