Saturday, October 06, 2007

Two hot-air balloons, *missed them by that much!

So I am lying in bed, the house to myself, contemplating training the cats to get the newspapers in the front garden, when I hear this whooshing noise. Haven taken 3 hot-air balloon rides myself, I recognise the sound, and quickly scramble out of bed.

The bathroom calls, and I pee as fast as I can (TMI?) and then throw some clothes on.

Meanwhile, the noise now sounds so close it could be in the next room, sounds like Dr Who is landing!

I grab the camera and dash outside only to find not one, but TWO hot air balloons drifting quite quickly over my house.

Right over the top! By the time I hold the camera to my eye, they are well and truly behind the lovely large leopard tree, argh!

Missed them by that much! *sighs


Sue said...

blimey, wonderful, and lovely blue sky too.

Patty said...

Always blue Sue, that's the bloody problem, lol. Spring, glorious, but dry as. hugs

Sue said...

I deleted the comment above because it didn't make sense.

What I was wanting to say was that we always want what we do not have, without thinking about the problems that are attached.

eamonn said...

hey patty look at the colour in that sky!!!!perfect