Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Frodo's baby - what shall we call her?

Ok people, pay attention! We need to name our little bird, as she will soon be stretching those wings, and another year will be over.

Greg (Falcon expert) is fairly certain she is a girly, rather than a boy...

Some readers suggestions from the Courier Mail....

Another name that has come up is Dolly (something to do with the enlarged crop after a feed ... ) What the!
One group in Cleveland calls her Hope.
Somewhere in Europe she's called Aussie.
Someone else has called her Squishy.

Over to you now, put on your creative hats and start thinking.

Any suggestions?


Brizpaul said...


Patty said...

Poor thing

dieter said...

1.lasm--- little Aussie speed machine

or Harry

Anonymous said...


Johnno said...

Azami Japanese for
The flower of a thistle; symbolizes defiance..

Minako Japanese for
Three seven child

Take Japanese for
Bamboo; symbol of resistance and strength

Johnno said...

japanese for survivor

Patty said...

What's with the Japanse? Dieter, she's a girl! Harry? roflmao.

Johnno said...

Japanese, because I can

Patty said...

sounds greek to me!

dieter said...


Sue said...

Why not call her Dorothy. I know it isn't really a name you would call a bird.

Dorothy means, Gift of God.

Or Dori, which means Gift.

Sue said...

Or the Hebrew name Sippora, which means Bird.