Saturday, October 06, 2007

Advertising boards

I've never seen this before in London, or perhaps just haven't noticed it before. People stood along the streets, with boards advertising their shop, restaurant, McDonalds, tattoo parlour, whatever. Here in this picture there were four together. I thought it was quite odd. There was one bloke, (the one with the Tattoo and Piercing board,) who was reading a paper at the same time.

I just thought it was peculiar. No one seemed to take any notice of them either.


Patty said...

It does pay to advertise, that's why Coke spend so much every year. They are number one, but do they ever stop their marketing, or continue to use the same slogons? NO! As an old marketing gal form waaaaay back, this passive advertising is very unusual, I wonder what the local council thinks about it/ In Brisbane, billboards are almost banned as visual pollution, and now I see why.

Sue said...

It does look odd. The bill board "holders", haven't got any type of uniform on, uniform of the place they are advertising.