Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Meet my dogs

It all started off as cutting a hole in the fence so the dogs could watch the people in the park next to home. Then I got this idea of painting on plastic cutouts.
Weekends are the funniest as we sit behind the fence and listen to the visitors laughing at the dogs sticking their heads thru. They even take photos...lol.
The cowboy one was the funniest...I took it last night....Kiba would only put her nose thru so I grabbed a rissole and enticed her a bit...well!!! she shoved her whole head thru the hole...Then to get the poor thing back I had to squease her head and push her back...with all the laughter, I got the shot...it was soooooo funny.


Brizpaul said...

Ohhhhhhhhh your a crazy lot you Nth Queenslanders lol

Patty said...

Cruel, but funny! Poor Kiba, with youpushngher head bckin, did she get her hamburger after all that?

Sue said...

Well, I suppose if the dog wants to put his or her head through the hole to be nosey, where's the harm. BUT, I do hope she got her hamburger, as a reward.

Johnno said...

yes, I gave her the burger...and a big cuddle.(when I stopped laughing)

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!