Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Relaxing at last!

Bloody tourists! We collect armfulls of litter and rubbish, mostly softdrink plastic bottles and Japenese cigarette packets. Grrr!

I do not understand the mentality of some people, travelling halfway across the planet, and then driving for another 5 hours, to leave their crap behind. Not good enough!

We drive onto the next township of Port Campbell, in time for sunset drinks, woot! The views from our little motel are gorgeous, cheers!


Johnno said...

cheers...and a wonderful trip looked to be had

dieter said...

I could not agree more, theres nothing worse than arriving at a nice spot only to find litter everywhere. I just do not understand people who litter.Would they do this in their own homes. I would have gotten a kick up the bum and rightly so if i did this as a kid. its just lazy grubby people who leave it behind 'ranting again'glad you took the time to pick it up.
What Johnno said

eamonn said...

i would love to catch those litter louts in action !!!hmmmmmmmmmmm its my pet hate and good for you guys for doing the right thing slainte