Friday, August 10, 2007

National Shed Week

A man has transformed his garden shed into a glorious Roman temple.
Tony Rogers stands proudly in front of his Roman temple garden shed
For years, Tony Rogers had dreamed of turning the wooden outhouse into something a little more grand.
But the electronics engineer was denied by a higher authority - his wife, Lynne.
Now his ambition has been rewarded. Mr Rogers has just beaten 700 competitors to win the title of Shed of the Year.
The 61-year-old, who even created a computer simulation of what the temple would look like, beat a multitude of designs, including a Tardis, to win the prize


Anonymous said...

He beat the Tardis? Never!

Anonymous said...

NO WAY !!!


eamonn said...

looks like a good old tart to me!!!!

Sue said...

That's a bit elaborate, just to put ya lawn mower in.

Sue said...

Still, each to their own.

Sue said...

I suppose.