Thursday, August 16, 2007

My old church home

This old church was my home for many happy years. I had my first kiss here (where the gutter leaked, and the soft moss grew) and I would read dad's adult books on marriage (with pictures!!) under the altar. My sisters married here, we buried my brother here. It was a lovely, loving church.

Now it's full of white ants, and is to be moved to Emerald, where it will become home to a very genuine bloke.

Have fun moving it, doing it up, and creating a home within its walls mate.


Brizpaul said...

Very nice. It'll make a nice home a lot of life and warmth in its walls love the beautiful windows

eamonn said...

must have been very nostalgic for you patty !!! allways find those moments very touching and a reality check intohow time flys

Sue said...

Childhood memories, for some, the best in the world.