Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a difference a day makes.

An update of the chick just outside my window. Taken three days ago, getting some feathers now, but still looking quite fluffy. How the nest is holding him is beyond me.

The next day 20th July, it poured down, all day. Poor little chick looking cold and wet, and the nest looks like it is getting even more flimsy. Kept my eye on him all day, poor little thing.

Today, 22nd July, nice sunny day, so the chick can dry out, and looking more like a pigeon now. You can see how flimsy they make their nests, a few bits of twigs, good thing there is only one chick there, although he must be lonely. I do go out and say hello to him, and ask him how he is, he never answers though.

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