Monday, July 16, 2007

My Week in Review

Monday: Got up about 7am only because I had to, ohhhhh it was cold. I spent the day online refreshing for an upcoming exam I don't like studying something over and over I much prefer to read and study things at the last minute that way you can remember it. Trust me theres method to my madness.

Tuesday: I took the morning off cleaned the house mopped the floors. In the afternoon i went to the local courthouse to do some research that side of the course i'm doing at uni i really love.

Wednesday: We are staging a mock trial so as to gain an understanding how the legal process works and today I found out I am to play the role of a person who has been accused of stealing a car and destroying public property. The trial itself starts in about 2 weeks so its anyones guess if i'm found guilty or not. I went and saw Dad this afternoon although I phone him 3 times a week I try and see him at least once a week, his breathing is getting worse by the day and theres nothing they say that can be done except rest.

Thursday: The mornings are bloody cold still, heater goes on first thing like it has done for the last week and half. I went food shopping at Coles this morning, i hate shopping I only do it when I really have to. I went to the library that afternoon just to borrow a particular book of which i ended up spending 2 hours looking for of which i didn't find in the end so i came home and found the transcript i was looking for on the net. I think librarys have lost their purpose with this the day of the internet now.

Friday: The phone rings first thing this morning its my Father to ask would I go to Red Hill today and collect a video game that he had bought on ebay, so I went and did that in the morning. Finished an assignment i have been working on that afternoon as I had planned to have a lazy weekend.


Sue said...

Loved your review Paul, good luck with the mock trial.

Patty said...

Hey thanks for sharing your week with us mate, it's always interesting having a peek over the fence into someone else's life....good luck with the studies and the mock trial. I think you are innocent!