Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Meet Sirocco

TOP PICTURE: This is Paul, talented bastard, but ain't they all? Paul does the wind and keyboards, synthisers etc.

Paul Jarman began performing at the age of four, inheriting a keen interest in music from two generations of his family, on one side, classical and jazz, and the other, country folk musicians. Now accomplished on over twenty instruments from Asia, Australia, The Middle East and Europe, Paul works as a composer and producer as well as performances with many arts groups including Sydney Dance Company, Colin Offord, The Renaissance Players, Sydney Children’s Choir and Rainbow Circus. His latest choral works have been performed in Singapore by combined international choirs.

His instruments in Sirocco include : saxillo, synthesiser/sampler, punji, didgeridu

ABOVE: Andrew is one versatile musician! Guitar, chinese harp thingy, you name it, it's brilliant under his hands.

Andrew de Teliga is the main composer for Sirocco. His background is in rhythm and blues guitar. As well as performing in a wide variety of rock bands, Andrew learned the classical violin. From a classical repertoire Andrew turned to the Irish fiddle and to the music of the different ethnic groups in Australia His inspired compositions have been used around the world. In particular dance groups from Singapore, Korea and Australia have choreographed to his music.

Instruments include : Ch'ng, violin, Greek bouzouki, electric guitar, slide guitar, Uigher Tar

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