Saturday, July 21, 2007

If I had a Time Machine

Having thought about the famous People I would like to meet. It made me think, "if only I had a Time Machine", what famous person would I like to meet, and what historical event would I want to witness?

1. I would like to meet Leonardo Da Vinci, to tell him to make a glider instead of the man powered Ornithoper.
2. Next The Wright Brothers flight at Kittyhawk.
3. Check out the claim that Clemet Adler flew his steam powered airplane the Eole in 1890.
4. The beginning of the Universe.
5. Maybe try to stop Hitler and Al-Qaida from gaining power.

This is why I would like to meet Theroretical Physics like Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein, to ask them if we could travel into the future. This would be important because, if you couldn't travel into the future (because it hasn't happen yet) you would be stuck in the time you had traveled too.

What are your thoughts on time travel, and what historical event would you want to witness?


Sue said...

I don't know Gary, are you sure time travel doesn't exist already. How many times have we said, "Oh that's funny, I just thought I saw ........".

Time travel always seem to be in fiction, I wonder, if time travel is possible, what form it would take, a machine, a thought.

Two of my favourite writers are John Wyndom and Isaac Assimov, and they sometimes write about time travel, and the sideways step to a parallel world, the one that could have been, if only we took another path.

Sue said...

Or maybe, thank goodness we didn't take the other path.

Sue said...

What would I change? Stop Hitler ever being born, but would we be the people we are now if he wasn't, BUT, it would have stopped all those people being murdered. Saddam would be another one to have stopped being born. All the people that have suffered under his regime.