Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't try this at home

Nobody told me that if you leave the microwave on with nothing in it except an empty glass plate for a continual long period of time it blows up.
Why turn a microwave on with nothing i hear you ask. I was just using it as a timer to something cooking in the big oven.
Why didn't i just use the timer on the cooker instead of the microwave i again hear you ask.
Well the answer to that one was that I couldn't be bothered trying to figure out how to set the thing the microwave timer seemed the easier option


Anonymous said...

You need a wife!

dieter said...

Moblie Phones and Micro wave ovens wish neither had been invented. And they dont make them to last. You should be able to get a new turn table though

Brizpaul said...

its cheaper to go out and get a new microwave then replacing the glass plate. Like car spare parts there not cheap

dieter said...

just have a close look at the wheels on the turntable, the last one i brought rubbed all the plastic'paint'? away and it looks bad

Brizpaul said...

What wheels ? They melted like everything else Dieter lol

Sue said...

What is it with men and mobiles.

If you use your microwave a lot, then get a new one, if you don't, get the glass turntable. You'll do what you want anyway, but if there are no wheely things anymore, get a new one. It's all money though ain't it.