Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"Who in the world cares about the'upper class' accent!! Who is Ms Harrison producing the programme for?- are they really going to know the difference-While Ms Harrison holds a very impressive record of productions-( Google her?)
Ms Harrison is trying to blame the 'Antipodeans'- surely she wants to have a look closer to home before she starts criticising! Watch 'Coronation St', and 'the Bill'- can you always understand the actors and those using their regional dialects?- then to see/hear a Jamaican or Pakistani talking with a broad cockney or even a Scottish accent- I don't know who her target audience is but if the production is good enough people will watch it without really getting upset about the fact that the speech is not quite so precise.
Language is ever changing right around world- undoubtedly a lot of the cause for change is through watching Television- have a look at the English words creeping into various foreign languages.In spite of this- time is not going to stand still just for Ms Harrison"

(blogged on behalf of Kenny)

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