Friday, June 01, 2007

Keith Urban told to "get a life"

COUNTRY music star Keith Urban was denied entry to the set of his wife Nicole Kidman's film Australia by a security guard who had no idea who he was.
When Urban persisted at trying to get in to the set situated at north Queensland town of Bowen the female guard reportedly told him to shove off and "get a life."

Eventually the guard got on her two-way radio to her superior to report that 'there's some bloke here named Keith Urban wants to get on the set'.

Apparently the boss knocked his hip out of joint getting there fast enough so that he could personally escort the best-selling country artist on to the set to see his wife, reports the Townsville Bulletin.

Afterwards security guard's mum, not wanting her daughter to make another mistake, went and bought all the supermarket tabloids and put her daughter through a one-night celebrity spotting course.

When Hugh Jackman's photo appeared, her daughter squealed, "Hey, that guy walked me past me about 10 times today''.

It was only three weeks ago that Urban was involved in another embarrassing incident.

The star was presented with a bottle of red wine by Qantas staff, who overlooked the fact that the singer is a recovering alcoholic who recently completed a highly publicised stint in rehab.

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