Thursday, May 10, 2007

Open letter from Tandy re: Kevin

Hi, All:

About 7 weeks ago, as you know, Kevin had a hernia operation. Please forgive me
if I am repeating myself. Some of you might know that when Kevin's staples were
removed, his incision totally split open. First the lower part of the incision
opened up about 2 inches long and 1 inch deep. It has since healed. But about 5
days later the top of his incision split open when the remainder of the staples
were removed - over 6 inches long (more like 7), an inch and a half deep, and
a pinch over an inch and a half wide. Time is a great healer sometimes. His
split is just under 2 inches long, 3/4 inch deep, and about 2/3 an inch wide.
It's amazing what happens over night! So we thought he was on the road to

A few weeks ago he started having some pain some near his incision. It went away
with antibiotics. But last week, he felt a lump about an inch below where his
incision was, above the pubic area. It was just a little red dot; we thought it
was a bug bite... Too simple as usual... Everyday since last Friday, when Kevin
first noticed this, it has grown in leaps and bounds... See, nothing is ever
easy. We went to see the surgeon Friday. No big deal. By Sunday, it was huge
so we went to see Dr. Kennelly.. There was obviously some infection as the area
was bright red. He gave Kevin a local anesthetic and tried to aspirate the lump,
by this time thinking it was an abscess. Nothing came out so he gave Kevin some
antibiotics and said to call this morning. By last night it had grown again, and
it was decided that we should meet Dr. Kennelly this morning at his office.
After a quick examination, it was decided that surgery was necessary. We had
just enough time to drive home to pack Kevin
a suitcase and go back to the hospital. So Kevin was admitted at Highline
Medical Center and was operated on around 3 this afternoon (Monday). The plus
part, he came through really well and except for a 101 temp, he will be fine....
He'll be in the hospital for 2 more days. The bad part: I have to change his
dressing for longer than I hoped to. Now instead of just 1 incision to clean and
pack, I have 2... WAH! There must be a plan for Kevin somewhere ... too bad it
isn't a frequent hospital mileage program, like a frequent flyer program!

We hope they find a single room for him tomorrow, but right now he is sharing...
Not keen on this.
Please feel free to send an email (Kevin is getting emails onhis cell phone, so no atttachments please).... I'll keep
you posted!

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Sue said...

Get better mate, love, hugs and kisses from Sue.