Friday, May 18, 2007

Little test

1.In which year was Vegemite created?
2. How many months did astronaut Andy Thomas spend on the Mir space station?
3. As the crow flies, Darwin is closer to Adelaide than it is to Sydney. True or False?
4. The highest point on the Australian continent is Mt Kosciusko. What is the lowest?
5. The Flowering Blue Gum is the floral emblem of which state?
6. How long is the Northern Territory’s mainland coastline?
7. Who was Australia’s THIRD Prime Minister?
8. In ‘Advance Australia Fair’ the Southern Cross is described as what?
9. Where in Australia is the ‘Big Cheese’?
10. On 6 November 1999 Australians said No to what?


LHagen said...

1. 1922
2. more than 4 months
3. true (4,000 km)
4. Lake Eyre
5. Tasmania
6. ??
7. Chris Watson
8. radiant
9. Bodalla, NSW
10. breaking ties w/ British Monarchy and becoming a republic.

Do I pass, huh?!?!?!

dieter said...

I think you did very well Ihagen
2.4 months
3. true
4. lake Eyre
7.john watson
9.bega NSW
10.A Republic
well done