Saturday, April 21, 2007

Things that Shite me right off

Right, I have had enough, this planet and world are getting too silly for words.

1. Bees dying in their millions dying because of mobile phones. More important than whales or polar bears.
2. Building houses on prime agricultural land, then experiencing drought, and being forced to buy food from overseas, as we cannot feed ourselves.
3. Pollution up 94% in Europe since 1994.
4. Celebrities buying rainbow families to be trendy.
5. Infertile couples going through 6 years of IVF then giving birth to 6 daughters. Women aren’t meant to look after ‘litters’ of children, wrong!
6. Andre Jollie giving birth, then ignoring her own child whilst adopting more, then popping them all into childcare whilst she focus’s on her career.
7. Feeding children soft-drink like it’s water and a basic right, then turning on the tv to watch DVD’s all weekend.
8. The invention of the ‘rumpus room’ and ‘parents retreat’ in housing. Are children so horrid parents need to retreat from them? I think not!
9. Seeing a 10 year-old girl eat in a restaurant with her parents, blatantly holding her fork wrongly. Hello mum, teach your child so she knows, and can learn.
10. Watching the world weather on SBS and noting with dismay the huge brown patches all over our planet.
11. Reading ads for ‘Philippine or Javanese style furniture’ for patios etc. This is rainforest timber, we have no right to harvest it, and then watch their homes and communities slip down mountains from mud-slides when it rains.
12. Giving credibility to sick minds and murderers on front-page newspapers and media. Huge photos of mass murderers, over and over.
13. Horror films for entertainment, too graphic for viewing.
14. The rise of murder on TV, the new porn, violent, realistic, twisted.

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