Monday, April 30, 2007

Sheds - three things in my shed.

Is it just a shed, or something else entirely.

Name three things in your shed. Without looking.


Sue said...

1. lawnmower

2. rowing machine

3. coal scuttle

peter said...

1 my tardis

2 my bikes

3 and yes my lawnmower

Brizpaul said...

my 3 lawnmowers
one without that needs a new cord to start it another that just wont go and a third one that works first time everytime touch wood

Johnno said...

#1 My six pushbikes all with flat tires from beach goatheads
#2 Camping gear(used once a year)

3# Freezer full of bait and fish

Patty said...

1. vacumm cleaner
2. wine
3. spare matresses

dieter said...

Looks like Steptoe and Son live in my shed.

Teddy said...

I have 1. packed boxes
2. more packed boxes
3. packed storage boxes
We are moving!!!!