Friday, April 13, 2007

Pretty isn't it?


Patty said...

AN unusually symmetrical, bright red new star has been discovered by an Australian astronomer and his research team.

Christened Red Square, the bipolar nebula is the most symmetrical ever photographed. It was captured using Adaptive Optics, a system capable of taking images without atmospheric distortion or blurring.

University of Sydney school of physics senior lecturer Peter Tuthill and his American colleague, James Lloyd, of Cornell University, made the discovery while conducting a four-year project in the US researching the birth of stars.

"It (Red Square) shows many of the features associated with young stars, but it turns out it's a dying star, one potentially about to blow up."

"This makes the Red Square nebula the most symmetrical object of comparable complexity ever imaged."

Red Square consists of twin opposed conical cavities with a sequence of linear bars running through the heart of the system.

Dr Tuthill said it was those bars that would have astronomers studying the system for years to come.

Patty said...

Bloody gorgeous!!!!! I want one!

Brizpaul said...

shhhhhhhhh Patty everyone will want one and they cant because its ours discovered by our own brilliant astronomers