Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No money from Big Brother

Prepare for a very disappointing season of Big Brother.

Well, for the contestants at least. They are set to be surprised, and probably furious, when they discover there is nothing to be won in the competition.

The deceptive removal of the million-dollar cash pool isn't related to a budget cutback on the show, The Daily Telegraph reports.

"We are launching series seven with no prize money for the winner," executive producer Tim Toni said yesterday.

"It's simply to keep ahead of the game with the housemates."

The contestants for the program are in lockdown on the Gold Coast now, and are unaware of the money withdrawal.

In addition to the show having no prizes, the cars that are usually given away on the housemates' exit from the house have also been scrapped.

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Brizpaul said...

They'd be done for false representation if that was what was to happen, publicity stunt to increase shows audience perhaps.