Thursday, April 26, 2007

My dad at war - New Guinea

A friend sent me this image, I have shown it to all of my family, and we agree it's our dad, second from the right, in New Guinea with his Regiment. (lower image)

He was a 'gunner' with the 25 Pounders, (the size of the shell) and in later years wrote the official biography of the war and his Regiment. It was a huge book!
(The 25 Pounders ... from Egypt to Borneo, An Anecdotal History by John Warby)


peter said...

lost for words darl,huge hugs xxx

Patty said...

I just love the power of a photograph, thank goodness someone raised a camera to his eye and snapped the shot! All good!

peter said...

well said : )

dieter said...

You are lucky to have had someone take the pictures and just as lucky they where kept. the downside to digital is many people don't save them.