Monday, April 23, 2007

Let's Do It People



Patty said...

1. Play the bongos
2. Learn to paint properly
3. Sing as a backup la la girl
4. Find my waist again
5. Write a great book
6. See my grandchildren
7. Keep the friends I have
8. Buy a winery
9. Buy my own island
10. Drive to Cape York by myself!!!

Peter said...

1 learn to play the guitar
2 finish my tardis
3 see my girls grow up
4 get over anxiety etc etc
5 study again
.... i cant think of any more : )

Brizpaul said...

1:See Ireland

2: Read a bible from start to finish

3: Buy my dream home ( in Adelaide)

4: Drive an E Type Jag, a red one

5 Get my leather chesterfield sofas

6: Give my Mum a holiday overseas and build the back deck she has always wanted

7:Become a political activist

8:See my Nephew become a Marine Bioligist

9: See the Whales

10: Buy a kiln and potters wheel

Char said...

1. Learn to play the tin whistle. I have the whistle, just need to learn to play it.
2. Go on a cruise on a tall ship. To hear the sails flap in the wind and take my turn at the wheel.
3. Get permission to purchase a house in Australia and live there part of the year.
4. Do some hiking in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I've been camping there, would like to take it a step further.
5. Visit each state in America. I have a way to go. Only been to 10 so far. And that counts my own.
6. I would like to travel to Ireland and Germany. Lands of my
7. I would like to travel to Egypt. I have wanted to go there since I was young.
8. I would like to visit each state and territory of Australia.
9. Finish my book. Does't matter if anyone publishes it, just to have
finished it will be reward! lol
10. Finish loosing the weight I need to take off. 30 pounds gone,
about 40 more to go.

dieter said...

1. see my uncle in Germany
2. Live a better life
3. Travel
4. Make peace
5. except things for what they are
6. be a better person with those nearest to me.
7. own a house on undeveloped coast of nsw.
8.drink good wine (from Patty's winery maybe)lol
9.learn to write songs.
10. fly in a balloon

Johnno said...

1. Get my photos in all 12 months of the Townsville calendar
2. Meet bill Gates
3. Punch bill gates in the nose
4. Go flying in an old Tiger Moth
5. Parachute onto Townsville's Strand beach
6. Become a pro photographer for *cough penthouse
7. Shake John Howards hand again
8. Drink a $50 cup of cats p-ss coffee
9. Learn to play my flute finally
10. Travel to the USA