Friday, April 20, 2007

Cape York and beyond

I SHOULD be going to Cape York today, I should be having my lifetime trip that I have dreamed of since I was 18, I should be, but I am not.
2622.96kms, and the rest, poking into bays and inlets, mountains and vallies, on the way north, to adventure!


Brizpaul said...

you didn't get permission to go?, bugga

Patty said...

Family committements, olbilgations, birthdays etc, all good. Bugger! (But what a missed opportunity!! *sobs)

Peter said...

break the rules and go : )

Anonymous said...

awww...I hate that for you! My friend in Lake Tahoe and I have planned a girly trip similar to yours, driving from my house in Texas to hers in California in a reservations anywhere, just credit cards, sunglasses and lots of fun!!