Monday, March 05, 2007

It's Hot

1.40pm 5/03/07
Temp 29°c 84°F Feels Like 32°C 90°F
Relative Humidity: 70%
Wind Speed & Direction: NE at 12 mph


Johnno said...

u lucky bastard...I just been outside unloading 3 pallets of stock at 2.00pm

Temperature 31.8°C
Dewpoint 22.1°C
Relative Humidity 57%
Feels Like36.0°C

dieter said...

Come to Melbourne its a cool 22c or even cooler 17c here at mt dandenong

Anonymous said...

It's been the coolest sumer since 2000 apparently.

Brizpaul said...

The biggest upset is that Adelaide recorded its highest temp in history. The world is turning upside down