Thursday, March 01, 2007


Me and the Mrs just after deciding to purchase our new rain water tank


Patty said...

Hello Minya, you lovely girl you..*pat Pat..i have 5 ads torn out of hte papers for water tanks.. just have to chooose one..*hmmmmmmmm

Sue said...

Minya's a star, she knows just where the camera is too. She is so much like my Bonnie girl, it is unbelievable. Minya is so beautiful. Hugs and kisses to you Minya.

Oh, you look great too Paul.

Water is a big thing over here, how much we use, turning taps off while cleaning teeth, that sort of thing.

Recycling is, perhaps, a bigger issue. All this packaging we bring home from the supermarkets. When we start being charged for the extra sacks of rubbish we leave kirbside for the refuse collectors, is the day I unpack the packaging at the till. Why should I pay to get rid of the packaging. I'll do it too, I will!

Slightly off the water subject, sorry.