Friday, March 02, 2007

2007 Archibald Prize

AUSTRALIA'S most prestigious portrait prize, the Archibald, has been awarded to John Beard for his painting of fellow artist Janet Laurence.Welsh-born Beard painted Laurence in oil and wax on linen.The monochrome portrait of Laurence's head and shoulders, measuring about 1 sq m, won Beard the $35,000 prize.The Archibald, announced at the Art Gallery of NSW, is awarded annually to the painting or "mixed media" artwork judged to be the best Australasian portrait of a man or woman "preferentially distinguished in art, letters, science or politics".

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Patty said...

I wish you would save your pics to a higher resolution Paul, but THANKS for blogging this, I will see it soon in 3 weeks, withmy mum. woot!