Wednesday, February 14, 2007


If London drinks recycled water, I do too, our water company is Thames Valley Water. Click here and here. According to these two links, we do NOT drink recycled water. Still looking though.

This is an extract from The Thames Water site.
Surface Water Treatment Works: These Works take their water from above ground sources such as rivers and reservoirs. Raw water from these sources is open to direct environmental input, and multiple treatment steps are required to clean the water.

Not taken from sewage.


Brizpaul said...

I find that very strange why are we being told that London is drinking recycled water by the government in its efforts to convince Queenslanders about its introduction into our system

Sue said...

I don't know Paul. Of course, I can only read the article, and read into it, probably, what I want to, but I wasn't aware, or have not heard of it before. I'm just hoping that this article is right. If you find anything different, please let me know.

Actually I only drink bottled water, if I have tea or coffee then the water is out of the tap, (but it is boiled then).