Thursday, February 15, 2007

Feb 14th 2007

The best thing about being alive is people
tiny moments that make the trip worthwhile

perhaps most often with STRANGERS
when the soul has no history to distract
an unexpected smile
the laughter at the checkout
the giving of privacy
the bus driver's care of the homeless's fare
the waitress's watch over the lonely
the taxi-driver turns off his meter

a thousand kindnesses
in a thousand ways try
a thousand people
times a thousand days

a stream of goodness
that, like the famous tale
of the turtle and hare
slowly and surely
Love will prevail

and FRIENDS, how precious beyond words
even if their faces change like cars on a train
how each has warmed the cabin
with their unique offerings
one making you laugh, one making you think,
one making you skateboard, another making you goofy
while you set about here and there
on this seeming meander

and FAMILY, bonds beyond words
bringing us to the borders of heaven and hell
the invisible security we don't know until they are gone
the lurch of the boat as they step off

if any of these things are love
I don't know
it seems the things we really know
I mean REALLY know
are the unknown things
words just a placeholder
so it is not too quiet

and another best thing about life is animals
and flowers
oh, and bugs

by: ISSA 2007

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