Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ever wondered how or why cyclones are named or why a certain name is chosen to highlight a possible cyclone? Click and have a read why here.


Johnno said...

nks Paul....and here are all the names CLICK HERE

Patty said...

I am going to suggest Pattycam *coughing fit. It will only take 50 years......

The Bureau of Meteorology receives many requests from the public to name Tropical Cyclones after themselves, friends, etc. The Bureau is unable to grant all these requests as they far out-number the number of Tropical Cyclones that occur in the Australian region.
The Bureau will only accept requests received in writing (not e-mail). The request cannot be immediately granted but the name will be added to a supplementary list. When a name is retired of similar gender and initial, a name can be included from this supplementary list (subject to checks to ensure it is not on the Southern Hemisphere retired name list or offensive in any of the languages of our international neighbours.)
Note that it can take many decades for a suitable slot to become available, then a further 10-20 years for the names to cycle through, so it is likely to be well over 50 years before your requested name is allocated to a cyclone.