Saturday, February 03, 2007

Couple of days in Tenby, Wales.

Just come back from Wales on Thursday, we had a lovely couple of days, and stayed in an hotel in Tenby. It took us about 4 hours to drive there, including a stop for a hot drink, and of course what goes in has to come out. It was fairly cold, which meant that the tourist hotspots were quiet. Great. We booked into the hotel at around 1.30pm, and then looked round the local shops. Then walked round Tenby at the touristy bits. Went driving on the Wednesday, had a great day, went to St Davids and St Govans Chapel, (which was lovely). On the Thursday went home, going to Cardiff on the way. Stayed in Cardiff for a couple of hours.


Sandy beaches too.

St Davids

St Govan's Chapel

All them steps, apparently you never count the same amount of steps coming up as you do going down them. I didn't bother, I was concentrating on not slipping.

Below is the Chapel. It's only tiny. That's me taking a picture of my bear who goes with me, when we go to different places, so he can have his picture taken; sorry, that's just the way I am.

I love hearing the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks.

It's such a soothing sound.


Patty said...

Wow, thanks SO MUCH Sue!! (and welcome back to Pattycam Blog!!) I just love to travel, and you took me right there withyou. I could be your new bear? lol.

Isn't that chapel something else!!!! Did you say a prayer inthere? What was the inside like? Was it also on the beach? I wanna go there now. woot!

Sue said...

The chapel was right on the rocks, about 10 yards from the waves breaking.

dieter said...

Thanks for sharing you pic's Sue. That chapel is amazing. How the managed to build it there hundreds of years ago I have no idea, or why?