Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cat catch!

Look what the cat caught tonight. Any ideas on identification?


Char said...

Oh does that bring back memories!! Ours brought in a garter snake one night while I was making supper. Freaked me out, lol.

Anonymous said...

:: Re: snake

It is the White-crowned Snake (Cacophis harriettae),
but you must be at the very northern limit of its range. It
is "venomous, but virtually harmless". It is also listed as
vulnerable in NSW, so it would probably be good (for the
cat's and the snakes safety), if the cat were in at night.

Patty said...

Anon, many thanks for your very useful info onthe snake. The cats are in at tnight, but this one snuck out as the door opened. Within a minute, he had cuagh this!

Patty said...

White Crowned Snake

A White-crowned Snake(Cacophis harriettae) devours an Eastern Striped Skink (Ctenotus robustus) in a meal that lasted three hours!
The inoffensive and weakly venomous White-crowned snake, virtually harmless to people and pets, grows to about 0.45m. Although quite abundant throughout Brisbane suburbs, it is nocturnal in habit, so is not often seen. The skink grows to about 30cm (head to tail).