Saturday, January 13, 2007


The mental ward nurse entered a room and found a patient sitting in a chair pretending to drive a car. The nurse asked, "What are you doing, Charlie?" Charlie replied, "Driving to Chicago!" She wished him a good trip and left. The next day, she entered Charlie's room just as he stopped driving his imaginary car and asked, "How are you doing today, Charlie?" Charlie answered, "I just got to Chicago!" "Great," she replied. The nurse left Charlie's room and went across the hall into Bob's room, and found Bob sitting on his bed, masturbating furiously. Shocked, she cried, "Bob, what are you doing?" Bob said, "While Charlie's in Chicago, I'm screwing his wife!"

A husband visited his wife at her new office. "I'm glad to see you keep a photo of me on your desk." "Yes," his wife replied, "whenever I have a difficult problem, I just look at your picture and the problem seems less important." The husband smiled. "See how powerful I am for you?" His wife replied, "Yes, I just think, 'What problem can possibly be worse than that one!'"

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