Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday

& Many Happy Returns Patty


Anonymous said...

Many happy returns Patty!!! I hope your Birthday is a very good one and that the day brings you only the best!!
Happy Birthday Patty!!

Kevin said...

WOW! Just 365 more sleeps before the "big one" :) Hope you have a wonderful birthday Patty! Happy Birthday.

Gary said...

Happy Birthday Patty.

dieter said...

One year older, one year wiser?Happy Birthday Patty, have a wonderful time

Patty said...

Ok, thanks Paul, and to everyone else for your birthday wishes, but know I am wondering what the 'hidden message' is.. that I am really a blonde?

That my pants are too big?

My nose is red?

(*pass another drink, and hurry!)

or that the cake couldn't handle that amount of candles?



LHagen said...

A very Happy Birthday to my Brissie buddie!!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Patty, have a good evening.