Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The dam thing about water

Falling dam levels threaten city

* Greg Roberts
* January 31, 2007

THE dam supplying most of Brisbane's water has fallen almost half a percentage point in just one week, raising the prospect of the city running dry before recycled sewage can be pumped to it.
SEQ Water chief executive Rob Drury warned that if no substantial rain fell, the level of the Wivenhoe Dam over the next 12 months would fall an average of one percentage point every three weeks.

"That is a worst-case scenario," Mr Drury said.

"It assumes no significant inflows on top of five or six years of very dry conditions."

The capacity of the dam yesterday was a record low 20.7 per cent. The water level has fallen 0.4 of a point over the past seven days, which have been the hottest week of a generally mild summer in southeast Queensland.

The capacity of the North Pine Dam, another water storage supplying Brisbane, has fallen to 19per cent.

At the same time the QLD government is trying to get more families from NSW and Vic to move to Queensland. Does this make any sense at all?

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