Monday, January 22, 2007

Ban the Aussie Flag

This is a national disgrace. In an effort to stem racial tension the Australian Flag has been banned from our next Big Weekend Concert


dieter said...

I do think the more that is made of this issue the more likely it will cause a problem.We should be able to fly the flag any place we want.It's not about respect for the flag 'you can buy boxers with the flag printed on them,that's hardly respectful.It's more about our right to fly it I think.

Patty said...

The problem is not the flag, its the drunken teenagers who will cause trouble and violence within ethnic groups (Croations/Serbs) like they did last year on Cronulla Beach. Like the oragniser said, "If violence breaks out at Big Day Out, that will kiss the end of the world's largest travelling music festival."

We all love our flag, including new Aussies (for their old country) so just keep it flying in your heart.

dieter said...

There's nothing wrong with showing pride i.e flying a flag. its about respect on all sides. Personally i don't care what flag or symbol a person shows as long as they show me the same respect. You are right about it being a small group of narrow minded mainly young drunk yobbos, I don't buy the argument its all one sided.The media loves to stir things as well.