Monday, January 29, 2007

612's new home - the love busses

While other Brisbane radio stations are starting the year with flashy cash giveaways and advertising blitzes, 612 ABC Brisbane is demonstrating that a minimalist setup can yield great results when it's backed by great teamwork, talent and a LOT of flexibility.

All departments from the ABC site at Toowong - including 612 ABC Brisbane - have recently had to relocate, after an investigation into incidences of breast cancer among ABC staff found that there is a higher instance of breast cancer than normal at the Toowong site.

Some 612 ABC Brisbane staff have been operating out of the ABC's Gold Coast studios for the last five weeks, but now that all teams have returned from their break, 612 ABC Brisbane is broadcasting from a new location - two busses in the carpark of an office building in Lissner Street.

"We have two busses - one from Darwin, one from Sydney - which were built as outside broadcast units, and we've got a producer's area in a site hut, which is between the two studio [busses]," explains Robert 'Aussie Bob' Apolloni, Local Radio Queensland's Operations Coordinator.

Visitors to the website will be able to watch the construction of the new studio take place. "We're also going to start building our new Studio 408, so those people who've got a webcam, from tomorrow, you can see us start to disassemble Studio 408, and then we'll bring it all over here, and you can see us reassemble Studio 408," says Aussie. It'll be a lot like those TV renovation show, except Aussie's not expecting to have it done in half an hour, and he doesn't have a dog.


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Brizpaul said...

Now thats thinking outside the box, go getem 612