Monday, October 23, 2006

Holden Blimp

Last week my hubby went up in the Holden Airship (blimp) and was bowled over with the experience. He said it was like sailing, and in fact you ride the breeze, including turbulence.

One of the radio jocks here, mentioned it on air last week too, said his wife said "Look at the blimp! It's awesome" and he said "No! It's a big ad," and he refused to look at it. FFS!

Now hubby organised through a lot of string pulling to get this radio jock up in the air, but this bloke has again refused, saying "it's just an ad" oh come on now, get over yourself and the high moral ground, and take the opportunity when it's offered. Makes a great story over dinner if nothing else?

I can't understand people who are so pure and moral that they cant bear to sully themselves with a grand opportunity when you are given one on a plate.

Obviously we know that he cant mention the blimp on air, that’s wasn’t the bloody point, we don’t need to push Holden’s advertising along, not our problem, we were just being friendly and open.

Hey radio jock, don’t get a nosebleed perched up on the higher moral ground.


You just can’t help some people.
See video here.....


Johnno said...

Pick me!...pick me!

Gary said...

NO, me first! :)
That radio jock, is missing a great experience.

dieter said...

Radio Jock with morals, what next politicians keeping a promise after they get elected? That would be areat ride .

Patty said...

Yes, agreed. You just can't please some people. There is absolutley NOTHING in it for us, it was just a friendly happy gesture. Fuck it.

Radio Jock said...

You worked at the ABC once, Patty. You know how that place operates. I appreciated the offer, but wouldn't have been able to speak honestly about the blimp if I'd received a freeby ride. Spensa. Sorry, "Radio Jock".

Pattycam said...

Spensa, sorry, Radio Jock, the ensuring publicity your blimp bashing gave Holden a great profile, thanks, but my point was that we made the gesture as a lovely, hassell-free experience, we never expected any feedback or on-air comments, but then you actually went and BLIMP BASHED the thing on air the next day, not only were you disrespectful, you were childish and rude.

I was shocked, and hurt.

Heard a great interview wtih Warren Boland's Saturday program, with the Pilot; intelligent, interesting and informative.

Now that's good radio!

spencer said...

To say "we made the gesture as a lovely, hassell-free experience ... then you actually went and BLIMP BASHED the thing on air the next day" means you're drawing a direct connect between your offer and my commentary, which is my point exactly. You clearly expected me to be positive about the blimp just because of the offer.

Patty said...

No, actually, no. That might have been YOUR perception, not ours. We do "stuff" for people all the time, without payment, expectations or 'in-kind'.

That's who we are, and the people we choose to be.

We volunteer our time, effort, knowledge, energy and enthusisim for schools/kindy/hospitals/federal government (true!)scouts/neighbours, friends, family,charity, personal, car clubs, boards and so on.

No personal expectations, but equally, no expectations of looking a gift-horse-in-the-mouth and then knocking it to a wider audience either.