Friday, August 04, 2006

Spencer adopts US family

Every seven minutes a new person moves to Queensland. That’s 1500 new Queenslanders each week.

612ABC Brisbane has 'adopted' one United States family that has relocated to Brisbane this week. And Breakfast presenter Spencer Howson has made it his personal mission to ensure the Hagenmaier family feel welcome and settle in happily.

There’s mother and father Lori and Mark, and their two daughters, Audrey, 11, and Emily, 15. Mark’s work has brought them halfway across the world, from Ohio to Brisbane, for a two-year stay.

Audrey and Emily are keen to make the most of Queensland’s beaches, while Mark and Lori have their minds occupied by the practical matters of finding a home and school for their daughters.

Discussing her impressions of Australia, Lori says Australia is "an absolutely marvellous country of very gracious people with spectacular sights and sounds."

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Johnno said...

Well, I think you did a wonderful job....(patty who?)

Patty said...

Yes, well.......oh dear, it's all good, and I really am very happy for Lori's family. (a plug for Pattycam wouldn't hurt, would it? huh?)