Thursday, August 17, 2006

Len Evans - dead!

Seen on the wall of Brokenwood Winery last weekend..........I met Len Evans 20 years ago, I presented him with some old books, (he collected them for the titles) and he seemed a nice man, who loved his wines, and the Hunter. R.I.P.


dieter said...

He retired as an international wine judge two years ago after sampling about 50,000 glasses of wine both here and overseas.

At the time he said: ``I started in 1964, so I've been a long time judging. It's probably taken about three solid years of my life.''
Renowned international wine critic Janis Robinson said in The Oxford Companion to Wine that Evans "has done more to advance the cause of wine in Australia than any other individual."

Brizpaul said...

Turned 80 years of age he was this year

dieter said...

it said 75 where i looked lol