Saturday, July 29, 2006


What Three Things can I present to Lori's family next week as a welcome gift? Suggestions please!!!


Johnno said...

1. some type of aboriginal painting or artifact
2. something nice from one of those paddo shops
3.Can of XXXX

dieter said...

1/What about a DVD with images of typical Aussies and places"not tourist stuff"
2/. An Aussie flag?

3/ A mel/brisways "road Atlas''

Patty said...

1. Real Estate Mags and newspapers from weekend.
2. Aussie native flower arangments?
3. Fresh fruit basket, plus bottle of champers/XXXX and Bunderburg GInger Beer?

LHagen said...

Awww, Patty that's not necessary at all!! You've done so much for us already, I'm in awe of your hospitality.

Brizpaul said...

1: a hand written foolscap page of everyday meanings of things related to australia and its culture and lingo

2:a weekend welcome to australia BBQ

3: hug a koala